Architectural Project

For Admission

Starts: 15 March, 2014
Duration : We are at step 1
Instructors: Our designer, architects and graphic
Phone : South Africa +27722178909
Email :

Education and space are deeply connected: the physical structure, the lights, the sounds are functional elements of our architectural project. We asked a group of professionals to design the use of the space so that the students can make the most of their learning experience. According to our conceptual understanding of how learning should take place (click here), they prepared an architectural layout functional to our view, which places the student at the center of the learning environment (click here).

Inside this process, they made a detailed study of the space use strategy; they prepared furniture and lighting layout and recommended some interior and technological items functional to our goal. The school immensely benefits from this project; in fact it would not function properly without it. The professionals involved in this project live and work in Italy and South Africa. They are:

Ivan Pecorari, our project manager. Interaction Designer & Architect;

Francesco Bagni, Architect & Experience Designer

Jean-Jacques Rossouw, Multi-Media Designer & Studio Manager.

Ivan and Francesco are partners in Too.

Here you can find a more exhaustive description of the project.