Şubat 2015 – Kayıtlar

For Admission

IDEA Staff
Starts: 16 February, 2015
Duration : 09 Şubat 2015 - son kayıt tarihi
Instructors: Our manager
Phone : +90 312 428 1 888
Fax: +90 312 428 1 888
Email : info@ideaturkey.com

News: Enrollment in our January courses started already!

@IDEA you come to study languages in a lively and enjoyable environment. We like to interact with our students in order to give life to an exciting class. If you need to make up your mind whether to study Italian or Spanish, whether to follow our general courses or to opt for private classes, you can check your options by just a click.

For Italian
A general description of our Italian department
Italian general courses
Private classes
Corporate: Italian for companies

For Spanish
A general description of our Spanish department
Spanish general courses
Private classes
Corporate: Spanish for companies

To enroll @Idea is easy and fast: you need to bring with you one photo and your identity card. If you need other information, just contact us (here).